136 Bree Street

01. Project Description

Located on the corner of Bree and Dorp Street lies Erf 2730. The current building has been classified as a Heritage C3 building, which is currently tenanted and is being used for retail purposes. The brief called for an investigation into how multiple storeys could be added to the existing structure while restoring the building to its original design.

The proposed alterations and renovations of 136 Bree Street are twofold, firstly to restore the original building by recreating some of its original design features, in turn providing the Dorp Street facade with some architectural character that relates to the street. These changes involve re-introducing the arched windows along Dorp Street and re-instating the shopfront on Bree Street to its original size. Plasterband, gutter and window details are to be made to match the original design as accurately as possible. Secondly, a completely departure free application for additions within the zoning scheme allowing for 8 additonal floors and roof top area to be added. The additonal floors are designed in such a way that they do not compete with the original structure. The facade shall consist mostly of fully glazed windows to maximise the view and one meter protruding balconies to provide the necessary sun protection and fire barriers.

02. Project Infromation
Location: City Centre, Cape Town, SA
Status: Ongoing
Year: 2018